Malaysian-born entrepreneur currently based in Singapore. An accountancy graduate from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Quachee's has a wide array of interests in the Lifestyle-Entertainment industry.

The launch of his 'Batik Inspirations - featuring top batik designers' book at the young age of 24, is a testimonial on he living his dreams. In this book, he not only wrote, but was also the Conceptualist, Creative Director, and Model. He hopes that this would be an example that can be shared by everyone to live their life to the fullest too. 

Quachee hopes to build a successful range of business in the industry - from publishing quality books and productions.



With over 30 years of photography experience, eM.K (pronounced em-kay) specialises in landscape, events, and portraits. His passion for photography has brought him round the world, especially to places with rich history, culture and heritage, to photograph monuments, events and festivals, which are his prime interest. 

Back home, he does portraits and portfolio shots for models. He stresses spontaneity with light and shadow. His efforts in composition results in photos that are rarely edited, and best seen 'as is', capturing the spirit in front of the lens – a skill he is trying to preserve despite the modern aids of photo editing. 

eM.K. is proud to feature his passion for photography in the Batik Inspirations book, which has received compliments all over the world, and which include from fellow photographers and other industry players.