We are confident to say that our batik book is unique, and that there are no other similar batik books or batik designs books in the market quite like it. The reason is simply because we aim to create things which are different & new.

This batik book differs so much from the others... as we didn't use the existing batik books as a reference. We want to bring new life to batik - where people today can relate to much closer.

Firstly we showcase modern and contemporary batik. This is already a first of its kind. Next, we added fashion with batik designs - and we can safely say that we are among the rare to do this, if not the only.

Although we initailly did not come from the publishing industry, however, we take that as an advantage, as we are able to then create a book that is totally different from the norm - again breathing new air into coffee-table books. From the flow of the contents and placements of pictures, these are new ideas which we put together as well.

Add that with our experience in photography, modeling, our eye for detail, passion for the arts, and if we can humbly say, creativity, we are proud to create a batik book that can relate closely to those who already like batik and batik designs... and also to those who are new to this old age hand-crafted tradition.

We will continue to publish high-end coffee-table books which are closely related to culture and heritage, but with a modern touch and a new art concept.