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Batik Inspirations authored by Quachee & eM.K. is based on the inspirations of batik campaign which was done by the late Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, before she passed away and returned to Rahmatullah.

This special book is divided into two parts, it touches on the batik designers, and their fashion who include names such as Amin Jauhari, Tom Abang Saufi and Nor Aini Shariff.

Apart from focusing on the batik itself, Quachee and eM.K. also emphasises on the architecture of Malacca where it was used to showcase the batik fashion.

It can be used as a reference for batik researchers and people studying fashion because it also contains tips and ideas from the batik designers regarding their fabric and the economic values too.

This book which serves two ways is like a cupboard filled with beautiful and wonderful batik, because the pages show the glorious colours of batik.

This 176 pages-book is suitable for batik enthusiasts, and also those interested in architecture.

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