Q.Ce (Singapore) was formed in September 2005, by Quachee to combine business and dreams into a business model. This was soon followed with the start up of the sister company, Quachee Enterprise (Malaysia) in December 2005. 

Batik Inspirations - The Book is the first project by the company. The company has sinced branced into the internet and is currently into the second book, 50+1 Malaysia, to be released this 2008.

Both Q.Ce and Quachee Enterprise work closely with business associates and partners.

Our vision: 

To have an integrated line of entertainment-lifestyle businesses promoting Asia, which have a strong base locally and at the same time reach to a global audience. 

Current Portfolio Overview:

1. Publishing 
2. Internet


Photography books, coffee-table books, travel books and other inspiring books (fiction/ non fiction).


In line with the aim of promoting Asia, we have created a few websites to celebrate with countries of this continent.


Future Projects:

To direct and produce documentaries, films and dramas with background or topics related to the books we publish, or other commercially unique titles with good meanings.