Past Events :: Malaysia


This is the first event that follows with the commercial release of the Batik Inspirations book in Malaysia. Co-organised with MPH, the team of the Batik Inspirations book were present for an autography session. The team include model-author, QuaChee, principal photographer, eM.K. and the internationally renowned & award winning featured designers – Eric Choong, Nor Aini Shariff and Amir Luqman. The models from the book – Singapore's actress-model, Carol Tham, and Malaysian model Christine Sheng were also present to grace the occasion. 

Quachee first spoke on his journey of the book - from it first being a dream of his of just to come out with a high-end coffee-table book with beautiful pictures. But later to be inspired by the beautiful red batik shirt in Yogyakarta, he decided to go ahead to feature Malaysian batik instead, which is also in line with the government's initiatives of promoting Batik Malaysia – initiated by the
late Datin Seri Endon Mahmood

He shared the process of the journey of the book from conceptualisation to the selection of designers and models, the 3 intensive days of photography shoot, the printing process and then actually seeing his book turn into reality. To him, the production of the book was something he can be proud of, as it was a dream come true. To add feather on his cap, he shared on his happiness in seeing organisations giving the book as a corporate gift from Malaysia – helping him distribute the book worldwide (which is another dream of his to see his book reach an international audience). 

eM.K. shared on the photographs of the book – photographs that were hits among the customers, photographs that challenged his photography skills, and also the fine details in the photographs. These include being able to see the texture of the fabric with the complimentary magnifying glass. To add some fun, eM.K. also showed some extra photographs which were not selected into the book and asked the audience to comment on them and choose their preferred choice. 

The designers were next and they shared their ideas behind their creations. They were also very grateful in being featured in a high-end coffee-table book, which is something rare and on top of that, being able to be on an international platform. 

The final segment of the event was the parade of the models. Each designer were represented by a model; Tini wearing Nor Aini's creations, Carol wearing Amir's latest collection and Christine with Tom Abang Saufi's works. 

Quachee wore Eric Choong's latest batik shirt range. 

In addition, an invited batik designer had Masrina Milan (Akademi Fantasia 3 finalist) and actress Corinne Adriennen ('Spinning Gasing') parading their designs. 

With inspiring words from the team, blended with specifically chosen music to fit among the most beautiful batiks in town, the afternoon truly came out as  intended – an afternoon of ideas, colours and inspirations! 

autograph book session mph mph book event autograph batik session

mph event autograph session

KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL BATIK INVENTION & EXHIBITION at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8 - 11 December, 2005

This is an event that we will truly remember and treasure, for this was the event that we had the honour to meet and be congratulated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. We are proud to receive his recognition and acknowledgement for our works. That moment of handshake and his two autographed copies of our books is one of the nicest things to have happened for us in embarking this project. And we hope that this book will make Malaysia and Malaysians proud.

at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With our book themed on using batik on fashion or batik inspired designs, this was a platform that enabled us to rub shoulders with the other big names from the fashion industry both local and abroad.


Past Events :: Singapore

BABA NYONYA HIS & HER: BATIK INSPIRATIONS SEMINAR (Singapore Arts Festival) at Asian Civilisation Museum,
10 - 11 June 2006

This is the second collaboration with the Peranakan community. As batik is closely related to the Peranakans, we gave a talk on the history of batik and how it relates closely to the community. There was a segment dedicated too to show that although times have changed, however, batik is still relevant and am able to suit the modern times - especially when batik is applied in fashion.

at AsiaWorks, 13 May 2006

In this event, we presented a workshop on why we call the Batik Inspirations book an artpiece. Our talk started off with a background on the vibrance, bold and beautiful Batik Malaysia - which to us is a piece of art itself, especially so when made into fashion. We then talked on the photographs of the book - from its composition to background and how we maximize the 22 megapixel camera's potential. Finally, we discussed on the layout idea, which is uniquely different from the other books. Starting off as a passion for coffee-table books, we are happy to share ideas on this book that has been approved and praised by people from all walks of life - from designers, artistes, fashion houses, photographers and VIPs.

asiaworks arts festival

Batik goes New Age:
SINGAPORE BOOK LAUNCH & FASHION SHOW at Millenia Walk, 19 Nov 2005

In conjunction with the Peranakan Festival 2005, a showcase of six top internationally renowned Malaysian batik designers and award winners were featured. We presented an unusual fashion show, with modern and contemporary batik - giving batik a new perception of vibrance, colour, and excitement. Featured designs include haute couture, casual-wear, evening-wear, and bridal gowns. And instead of the usual catwalk, the models paraded the creations in a lifestyle setting, in line with the aim in promoting batik in everyday life.

The highlight of the event was to introduce the author, Quachee, and photographer, eM.K., in their first collaborative effort promoting local heritage. They spoked on the ideas behind their coffee-table book, which was done in a short span of only 3 months, and the idea behind the lens too. We are proud that in a way, we have re-introduced batik to Singapore, and thus creating awareness of it... our feedback has been very encouraging ,with most people saying that they didn't know that batik can be so beautiful...! This is truly an encouragement, and we hope that this would be a small step for batik in Singapore.

at Millenia Walk, 18 - 26 November 2005

This was our first collaboration with the Peranakan community - the Peranakan Association of Singapore. And it was here that we realised how close this book were to them. Apart from the batik, we had many customers who purchased the book because of the photographs that were shot in the Peranakan homes, which although ancient, but has been well preserved. The famous first page - the one with the grand staircase was a big hit among them.

at Select Bookstore, Tanglin Shopping Centre

In our first exposure of Batik Inspirations, we had a recorded batik demonstration preview by a top Malaysian batik motif and fashion designer, using the ‘canting’ method. We also showcased the demonstration of the ‘chop’ method. Our aim was to give insights on how the batik process is done, thus giving a better appreciation of the fabric, and its fashion. This event was the start of the Batik Inspirations Tour.

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